Expedition Skills Module


The Expedition Skills Module is an optional module available to walking leaders. It’s an opportunity to increase your skills where you will be trained and assessed to lead groups on multi day camping expeditions. The flexibility of the module makes it useful for Lowland Leaders, Hill and Moorland Leaders and Mountain Leaders in terrain and conditions within the scope of their respective leadership award.

The Expedition Skills Module is ideal for those involved with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and/or Ten Tors training (among other things) because the skills covered apply to expeditions using commercial campsites as well as wild camping.

What it’s all about?

If you have completed the Expedition Skills Module you should be competent in the following key areas, all of which will be covered, to a greater or lesser extent, during the two day course.

  • Equipment
  • Food and cooking
  • Planning and leadership
  • Training and supervising expedition groups

Detailed information on each of the above topics can be found in the Expedition Skills Module Handbook. As with all Mountain Training awards, your experience prior to attending the course will have a huge impact on the result and you should try to be as fully prepared as possible.

There are two stages in the scheme;

  1. Attend a two day combined training and assessment course
  2. Continue to stay current and up to date

Prerequisites and Registration

The prerequisites for the Expedition Skills Module are as follows:

  • You must check that you are registered for the module on the Candidate Management System (CMS)
  • You must have passed a walking leader assessment (Lowland, Hill and Moorland or Mountain)
  • You must have logged an absolute minimum of 10 overnight camps; ideally in a variety of contexts
  • You must have assisted with at least two group camps (these can be included in your 10 personal camps)
  • You must have a valid 16 hour first aid certificate, relevant to your work as a walking leader

If you are uncertain or would like to discuss any aspect of this then please get in touch and we will be able to offer advice and guidance. We strongly advise you to read the syllabus prior to attending the course.

Training Course Details

Non-Residential Cost – £150.00

Our two day Expedition Skills Module course is based around the Black Mountains. It covers all aspects of the syllabus as set out in the handbook and will be delivered by our team of passionate and professional instructors, who are all experienced in the delivery of the course but also working within the scope of the scheme.

Light refreshments are included in the course cost.

Residential Cost
This course involves camping out as a requirement, Campsite fees are included in the course cost. You will need to provide all your own food and drink

Course Program
The program will normally follow this format but changes may be made to make the best use of venues and weather conditions.

1Start 9am
Teaching & Navigation
Teaching Camp Craft
Personal Camp Craft
Remote SupervisionDebriefs

Course Close
We will aim to finish by 5pm on the final day to allow time for people to travel home.

Kit List
You will need the following items as a minimum for the course…

  • Walking boots – Waterproof with good tread and ankle support.
  • Personal hill/mountain clothing sufficient for 2 days
  • A small day rucksack 20-40 litre Watch (with a digital stopwatch) not just a phone
  • A compass (Silva type 4 or similar)
  • 1:25000 OS map of the Beacons Explorer OL 13 (Maps should be laminated or in a small map case)
  • Tent and personal sleeping equipment (if you also have group tents please bring one along)
  • Stove, food and drink.
  • Expedition pack.

N.B. A full kit list will be provided when you book your course

Assessment Course Details

There is no separate assessment for the Expedition Skills Module

Dates / Availability

Can’t Find What You Want?

If you can’t find exactly what you want, get in touch. We can discuss your requirements and build a course around your needs! Give us a call on 07979 337751 or use our online enquiry form HERE