Adventures with Will works with a team of well qualified instructors who are trusted to deliver courses to the highest standards.
So if you want an introductory day at the wall or a week’s intensive training at the crag, we can provide a programme suitable for you.

Here are some examples of the programmes we run:


Ready to Rock

Ready to Rock courses are designed to help indoor climbers make their first moves onto rock by having a fun day out as well as covering the use of some key skills and equipment. To take advantage of what is on offer you will need to have been climbing indoors a few times already. You will need to be able to put on and adjust a harness, tie in to the rope and belay a climbing partner. These courses are for people aged 18 or older.


What do they cover?

A variety of topics will be covered during the day as well as offering a fun taster to outdoor climbing. Topics may include:

  • Correct fitting and use of equipment including harnesses, tying in and belaying
  • Discuss guidebooks, crag and route selections
  • Demonstrating in a safe environment the art of anchor building and tying in and Trad equipment usage
  • Continue with the coaching of climbing movement, gear removal and racking
  • Discussing Bottom Rope systems and anchor selection
  • Review the day with “what next” advice.

Who are they for?

These courses are ideal for novice climbing club members, students, parents and individuals who may have had the odd taster of climbing outdoors and wish to gain key safety skills at an excellent price. They may also be a good precursor for people contemplating the Single Pitch Award training.


Courses cost only £40 per person.


The course will run from 10.00 am until 17.00 pm

Course Dates

  • 25th April 2020 – South Wales
  • 6th June 2020 – South Wales
  • 4th July 2020 – South Wales
  • 1st August 2020 – South Wales

Coaching sessions

Stuck in a rut? Want to improve your climbing? Why not join us on one of our coaching courses!

The aim of the courses are to examine a wide range of techniques and look at different aspects of climbing movement. Together we will identify strengths and weaknesses enabling you to set new training goals.

Option 1 – Friday night coaching sessions.
This is a programme of four bi-weekly evening sessions run over a period of 2 months. You come along to a session then go away with a fortnight to practice what you have learnt.

There are four sessions, Theory and footwork, Connection points and centre of gravity. movement and power transfer. Training and moving ahead.

Option 2 – Intensive coaching weekend.
This is the programme above but all four sessions crammed into 2 days. This is an option if you’ve got plenty of time to dedicate to practising and want some quick progress.

Option 3 – Personal development programme.
If you have a goal in mind and you want some help to achieve it this could be the solution you need.

Book some one to one coaching time and we will first assess your climbing and see how far we can develop your climbing.

Experience required: Some basic climbing experiance is a must.

Learning the ropes

Bitten by the climbing bug now it’s hard to stop?

This 2 day course is designed to teach you some of the techniques you’ll need to become a safe and competent climber. We will look at the equipment, how to use it and how to look after it. You will become an expert belayer and learn to manage ropes and communicate with your partner.

Experience required: Must be able to tie in and belay

Learn to Lead – Sports

Once you have mastered basic rope work and developed some climbing skills maybe it’s time to progress to lead climbing.

These courses look at best practice and covers among other things; belaying, rope management, clipping protection, falling off and avoiding problems. It also forms part of the progression to traditional lead climbing. We will guide you through the various techniques you will need to get leading.

These courses are avalable in the same 3 options as our coaching courses.

Experience required: Must be able to tie in and belay competently

Learn to Lead – Trad

There are many paths to learning trad climbing, often it is a progression from sport climbing and this course looks at that approach.

We will look at all the fundamental lead climbing skills and build upon these introducing building belays and placing gear

Experience required: Must be able to tie in and belay competently

Can’t Find What You Want?

If you can’t find exactly what you want, get in touch. We can discuss your requirements and build a course around your needs! Give us a call on 07979 337751 or use our online enquiry form HERE